Our Products

At Pure POS we offer a variety of products and services! With our top notch standards and support we can find a solution that helps you!

Wall Terminal

At Pure POS, we recognize that some restaurants have very limited space. Not everyone has time to have a cabinet or shelf installed. Wall mounting a terminal is the answer! Most of our terminals can be wall mounted to keep the profile small, and stay up and out of the way of spillage or being bumped around. This extends the life of the terminal in many instances, keeping them up and out of the way of potential hazards.

Standing Terminal

The Standing Terminal is the most sought after solution from Pure POS to date. Being a true, industry standard all-in-one (not a consumer grade beauty from a retail store that the touch will stop working on in 6 months), this unit has withstood the true test of time. Battle hardened for the restaurant environment, you can’t go wrong with this terminal.

Handheld Terminal

Handheld devices allow servers to place customer orders and take payments, table-side, for faster service. Use tablets during busy times, or seasonally, like when you open your patio or side deck. Increase customer turnover by encouraging table-side orders. These devices integrate seamlessly with traditional touch screens for a blended solution, allowing you to keep your existing touchscreen on the bar or server station and tablets out on the floor. Pure POS works with virtually any tablet, smartphone or handheld device on the market.


Cloud tech for the restaurant industry
It’s all around us. Mobile phones. Facebook, Yelp and more. Everything’s connected. Yet there sits your POS system, an island filled with incredibly underutilized data. What if you could match transactions in your POS to people, posts, and ad campaigns in the real world? What if you could truly know who and what are driving sales?

Marketing. Social. Loyalty. Analytics.
Introducing PosiqCRM. A breakthrough cloud based CRM service for the restaurant industry that plugs into your existing Future POS system. Powerful advertising, marketing and social programs. Crazy detailed guest tracking and automated loyalty. And big data with real-time analytics you’ve only dreamed about.

Supercharge your Future POS.
Posiq delivers all of this power by leveraging your Future POS system. Just plug securely into the Posiq cloud (installs in under 15 minutes), and instantly see everything you’ve never seen, whether it’s a single restaurant or 5,000 locations.

It’s not about the gadgets. It’s about your guests.
With PosiqCRM, you can harness powerful, yet beautifully simple technology to know more about your guests, understand their behavior, and enjoy amazing analytics to grow their business. Posiq gives restaurants, large and small, the tools to build incredible customer relationships and flourish.

For more info, visit POSIQ

Future POS

We put everything you need at your fingertips: customizable menu layouts, and buttons and graphics that fit your business – whether it’s casual, quick serve, or fine dining.

Each system is flexible and can be set up with your specific users in mind, from management to service staff to your customers. Future POS is designed for the hospitality industry and current with the latest dining trends. Send your servers to tables with tablets, or offer pre-arrival online and mobile ordering. Keep ahead of the curve while increasing efficiency.If you ever need support, our dealer network provides excellent, friendly help – providing install and upgrade services, technical support, and routine system maintenance.

And it’s priced right! Our competitors charge more for much less. Contact us today to see how Future POS can change the way you do business.