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SpeedLine Solutions Point of Sale

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Our Point of Sale is a system developed from the ground up with heavy phone ordering in mind. Being able to automate phone orders with a pizza shop is a must, and SpeedLine does just that. Keeping track of the customer’s name, phone number, address, and what they ordered every single time gives a pizza store a distinct advantage over other stores using typical dine in POS packages. With features such as directional mapping, automated delivery fees, automated cash out of delivery drivers, and a simple order entry screen unmatched in the industry, SpeedLine makes an average pizza operation good, and a good operation great.

About Our Solution

Step By Step Order Entry

Customers are able to place orders with a simple, step by step approach to taking orders. Meaning, a customer isn’t looking at a screen cluttered with every single item on one screen. This approach is complex and leads to lengthy training times for new employees. SpeedLine not only follows the order flow of what a customer is asking for on the phone, it completely turns order taking into a simple task.

Advanced Deferred/Online Orders

Do you ever have customers needing to place an order that doesn’t need to be ready until days later at a certain time? We utilize the latest in technologies to store and print out an order at a later date without affecting the current day’s sales. Furthermore, these orders can be recalled, changed, voided, or reprinted without missing a beat. We also can utilize online ordering capabilities, allowing pizza owners to integrate order taking screens right from their own websites. Orders placed online have been proven to have anywhere from a 10% to 15% increase in average ticket size when compared to traditionally placed orders. Ask a Pure POS specialist about these features.

Customer Marketing

How much money are you spending on yellow page and phone book advertising right now? We audit and track every single order placed by a customer. This being the case, an order history is consistently and efficiently being created. An owner can run dynamic, customized reports that can be used in targeted mailings based on the owner’s criteria. This can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars saved in direct marketing campaigns for the Pizza Store.

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