Quick Service Bar


Future POS offers their Future POS Solution, a complete Bar POS Solution that gives you the tools to ensure the highest quality customer service while increasing profits.

About Future POS Quick Bar

Customer Service

Pre-authorize and start tabs quickly with the swipe of a customer’s credit card. Running an instant pre-authorization on the card will ensure there are no problems when it comes time to settle the bill. Allow your customers to transfer their tab from the bar to the dining table with ease. Check splitting and individual checks are no longer a headache for your servers. Name each tab that shows up on the screen to easily add to existing tabs and cash customers out. Use bar code technology to limit mistakes on customer checks. Special orders can be easily entered into the system and bartenders can instantly look up drink recipes from the Future POS Drink Help Screen.

Increased Profits

Ensure every drink is paid for by using Future POS’s integration with Remote Eyes security cameras to monitor an overlay of the check on a live video image of key POS stations. Swipe the customer’s drivers license to ensure they are of legal age to drink. Order another round with the “repeat round” button so your bartenders can spend their time servicing customers instead of standing in front of the POS station. Set item quantities on limited items so zero quantity items aren’t accidentally rung up.

Beer of the Month

Customize your very own club for your bar, selecting certain beers that Future POS tracks and award your customer when they’ve ordered every beer in that list with the reward of your choice.

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