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Table Service

Our POS offers one of the most comprehensive Dine In Solutions in the industry, giving you the tools to ensure the highest quality customer service, while reducing costs and labor, and increasing profits. In addition, our reporting package provides real-time sales statistics, server sales and a host of other sales related data, allowing you to tweak menu items, specials, and other business driven operations.

About ‘Future POS Table Service’

Customer Service

Many customers appreciate learning about the preparation of their meal. Ensure servers always deliver the right food to each customer. Some restaurants get extremely busy and need a way for their servers to track each table’s status, whether the table is available, it’s in a “new check” state, it’s dirty, etc. Our POS’s graphical table layout displays a separate customizable color for each state so servers always know what’s happening in their section at the press of a button and customers are helped immediately. Allow your customers to transfer their tab from the bar to the dining table with ease. Check splitting and individual checks are no longer a headache for your servers, and customers overall dining experience is enhanced greatly.

Server Forgiveness Features

Ever have a server accidentally apply the wrong credit card on the wrong customer check? No problem, a manager can easily “re-open” that check and apply the correct method of payment. Has your server ever accidentally entered $20.00 for a tip amount in the credit card terminal, when really they meant $2.00? Again, no problem. Our POS can reapply the tip at the press of a button. If an item is accidentally “rung up” on the wrong table, simply have a manager transfer the item from one table to the other, it’s that easy.

Increase Profits

Food/drink up-sells and easy access to menu items will increase your bottom line on each check. Delivering the right food at the right time will help you serve more customers, especially during busy dinner rush.

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